General Gym Info


We Are a Full Service Gym in Cleveland

Ready to get started on the new you? Cleveland Fitness Club is a full-service gym that offers group classes, workout sessions, athletic rooms and more. Get in touch to find out more about what we offer, or start your membership today!

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 3am-10pm
Sat 3am-5pm
Sun 3am-9pm
Note that full access to all amenities and  areas during those hours

Kids Club Hours

Mon-Fri 9am-1pm 4pm-8pm
Sat 8am-1pm
Sun 10am-1pm

Pool Hours

Sun-Fri 6am-8pm
Sat 6am-5pm

Holiday Hours

New Years Day – 3am-12pm
Easter Sunday – 3am-12pm
Memorial Day – 3am-12pm
Independence Day – 3am-12pm
Labor Day – 3am-12pm
Thanksgiving – 3am-12pm
Christmas Eve – 3am-12pm
Christmas Day – 3am-12pm
New Years Eve – 3am-12pm